White Papers


A white paper is an in-depth report on a specific topic. It presents information about that topic in a concise format and is based on the expertise of the committee issuing the white paper. It will help you to understand a complex issue, think about it from various points of view, aid you in coming up with solutions to various problems and assist in making decisions about the same.

The white-papers published at inspirEd 2020 are in service to schools, educational organisations, local and state government bodies towards implementation of the practices aligned to NEP 2020 priorities with support from the potential partners and authors of the respective white papers. 

Framework for Teacher Education: Learnings from Teacher Development Program
Repurposing curriculum and assessments for deep learning
Working with parents as co educators
Cultivating teacher growth
NEP and early childhood education: connecting intent to implementation
A case for the integration of arts in our schools
School leadership recruitment and training
Teacher career growth
Blended learning practices
Child protection and safety in schools
Enabling young adults to lead their journey towards employability 
Building 21st Century Skills and Leadership in Students

India & I Curriculum


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